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We are always looking to our membership for ways to expand on services and for suggestions on how this association can unite together to better assist and promote

child care in our community.

Our association will offer you: 

Support and Assistance
You will have the opportunity to meet with others in the child care business to share ideas on operating an efficient, profitable and high quality service which benefits you and the families that you work with. And after 41 years in this business there are not many questions we can't answer for you, but if for some reason we just don't know we will be glad to help you find the answer.

​Learning Opportunities

  We will keep you informed about any MOPID workshops being offered in the area or on-line.

-BSCCA-Workshops-Socials-Special Events-  ​​

We Will be doing the Fall Fun Fest Parade if interested in joining us Contact Cheryl at 816-808-1078

The Theme is Lights Camera Action 

Need walkers and Kids to ride on Float

If anyone wants to help with the float please

come to Cheryls house 2505 nw 4th st Blue Springs

on Sat sept 8th at 11:00 and if needed sunday 9th at 1:00

we will also need people Friday night the 14th to put

everything together any questions call Cheryl at



-Parents as Teachers-

If you have a 3 to 5 year old that you feel has some problems you can tell your day care parents that they can call 874-3491 and arrange to have their child tested for free. With the parent's permission you can take them in to be tested if the parent is unable to take the time off.

Don't forget Dial-A-Story 816-701-3456

 Just A Little Advice for In-Home Child Care Center Providers

 Get involved, come to our workshops even if you are not state licensed and don't need the hours, you get to talk to others that understand what you are going thru and share ideas. Develop friendships so you feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling another provider, if you are having some kind of problem or just a bad day. Nationwide the average burn out rate for child care providers is 4 years, but several of our members have been in this business 25 plus years, with more than half being in this business 12 plus years. It really helps to socialize with adults that are doing the same job you are doing. This advice is coming from someone who has been in this business for 40 years since September. And I attribute a lot of that to being able to pick up the phone when I get frustrated or to close to the situation, to make a good judgement and talking to one of my friends in the association that truly understand what I am going thru. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or would just like more information, feel free to contact us:

​Cindy Harris 816 337-7580

The Blue Springs Child Care Association's e-mail is bscca1975@yahoo.com